Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentines: Dinosaurs

These are dinosaur (and pterosaurs!) valentines inspired by my dino-obsessed son. And because he asked and your dino-kid might too, (clock-wise from the top left) that's a brachiosaurus, a ceratosaurus, torosaurus (triceratops, whatever they decide on.) and quetzalcoatlus. (With artistic liberties of course!) Just print these up on some paper or cardstock, color and cut. They fit in standard invitation envelopes.

edited to note that Spiff says my brachiosaurus is actually seismosaurus, but he's not the one who drew it. :-p

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  1. Thank you Laura! I was sitting down to figure out what to do for Valentine cards for Alexa. Her 1st grade class has been studying dinosaurs so these are perfect!!