Friday, January 21, 2011

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Here's a twist on paper snowflakes (and maybe easier).

If you drink coffee, you probably have a coffee maker, and if you have a coffee maker you probably have basket filters hanging out in your cabinet. If you have a Kuerig or Krups, well, lucky you (I'm jealous!), maybe you have a stack of old basket filters hanging around still from your old abandoned coffee maker. You can use them to cut out pretty nifty paper snowflakes.

It's a snowy day here today and so that's what we did. You fold them in half, you fold them again, then again, then again. And then you make tiny cuts n the edges and unfold and behold- SNOWFLAKES! Very fast, very easy, and very pretty. Now I have a couple of kids running around the house throwing snowflakes in the air. They'd rather play in paper than go out in the storm we're having!

I imagine you can do this with cupcake liners too!

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