Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chinese New Year Lion or Dragon.

The Chinese New Year is coming up, and it is a favorite celebration of my 3 year old because of the Lions (which he calls dragons.). So I designed a paper Lion (or Dragon, I admit it's ambiguous and I do not know what to call it.). It has some mobility because I used paper tabs inserted into slots of the pieces and it uses barely any materials:

2 pieces of cardstock to print on.
crayons, markers, paint etc.
2 popsicle sticks or unsharpened pencils
masking tape

Here's what you do:
Print up the two printable pages below on cardstock (do a print preview first to make sure the pieces fit!). Cut out the pieces, cutting on the gray lines, using an exact-o knife to cut the slots on each piece (It's important to not make these cuts too long so the tabs don't slip out easily.). Color them in. Then piece it together, slipping the tab of one piece through the slot (from the right side) of the piece before. Tape (we used wide masking tape) a popsicle stick on the back of the head and another on the back of the tail. Now make your dragon dance!

The Printables:

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