Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Handprint Turkey

A couple years ago my sister sent these Thanksgiving cards out with my niece's handprint. I thought it was brilliant then, I think it's brilliant now. And totally worth sharing this Thanksgiving.

What You Need:
  • brown craft paint. (the nontoxic kid-friendly variety.)
  • orange or yellow card stock (or whatever festive colors you choose.)
  • orange and red markers
  • glue
  • small googly eyes

What You Do:
  • Put a healthy amount of brown paint onto a paper plate, spread it around.
  • Get your octopus to spread their fingers and smash their hand in that mess as nicely and flatly as you can. (Yeah, right!) Smack that nice and flat painted hand quickly, firmly and without moving it around onto the card stock. Let it dry.
  • Draw that gobbler on (what is that really called?) in red marker, the feet and beak in orange.
  • Stick a googly eye on it.

You didn't really need me to write all this out, did you?

Also, while I am at and it IS Thanksgiving, I want to say I am grateful for:
  1. The internet.
  2. Creativity, in me, in my kids, in everyone I know.
  3. Family and friends.

Trace a Turkey

Spiff's Turkeys are pecking at the grass on a rainy day.

This is the age-old school craft that is so easy and fun to do. Plus, it documents your child's growth through the years. The Hand-Traced Turkey. We went simple with just markers on plain white paper, but you can go fancier with craft feathers glued on or trace your hands onto brown paper. You can make gift bags tracing turkeys onto brown paper lunch bags. Really, with the simple crafts the sky is the limit.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cut and Paste: Cornucopia

Since Thanksgiving is upon us (How did THAT happen!?), I was on a mission to find what I thought would be a simple cut and paste cornucopia. I wanted my kids to be able to cut out the fruits and vegetables and paste them onto the horn of plenty. After looking, and looking, I gave up and made my own. Ever my test-subject, my 4 year old colored, cut and glued this all by himself. I was pretty impressed. You don't have to be, but I was. ;-)

Spiff's Cornucopia:

The Printable: