Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pressed Leaf Collage

It's fun to go out hunting for colorful leaves but what to do with them? Spiff had collected so many leaves last year that I was on a mission to do something crafty rather than just toss them.

This is a great, easy fall craft I found online last year. And it's a good way to use old broken crayons bits, to boot. Spiff made several for friends and family to ring in the fall season. He wanted to make so many, we had to go out and collect MORE leaves. This year when I pulled it out to hang, last year's craft looks as nice as when it was first made. (Actually that picture is of the one we kept last year taken today.)

What You Need:
  • wax paper
  • colorful fall leaves (you might want to press them in between heavy books for a couple of days before doing this.)
  • old crayon bits in bright fall colors- greens, reds, yellows., etc.
  • crayon sharpener
  • scissors
  • iron

What You Do:
  • Heat your iron to medium dry heat.
  • Shave your crayon bits in your sharpener until you have a nice pile for sprinkling over your artwork. Set aside.
  • Tear off two pieces of wax paper big enough for your leaves to fit comfortably. Lay one down flat on your protected work surface. (Cut-open brown paper bags are a good way to cover your table.)
  • Let your Octopus arrange the fall leaves on the wax paper.
  • Octopus, sprinkle the crayon bits around your leaves on the wax paper.
  • Gently lay the other piece of wax paper on top.
  • Lay another piece of brown paper or paper towels on top to protect your iron (the crayon wax will squish out the sides a little) and then press and slowly iron your artwork.
  • Let cool. When it's cool, trim the edges and hang in a window.

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