Friday, March 18, 2011

Window Rainbow

Here's another tissue paper rainbow craft. It's an easy one and nice to hang in the window where the sun shines through.

What You Need:

Black construction paper, 9x12 (or any color will do, right?)
tissue paper in the rainbow colors
glue stick

What You Do:

Cut a strip out of each color of tissue paper to be about 6" x 1". Fold the black piece of construction paper in half length-wise and then, through both sides cut out a rectangle leaving a 1" border all around. (I folded our paper in half again and cut the square right on the fold to make it easier to cut. So like a block C shape). Open it up so the windows are right on top of each other. Along the top and bottom of the bottom window, glue. In rainbow order put down your strips so that they span the window, an end at the top and bottom. Put the strips right up against each other, one by one. Voila. Glue around the top, empty window and close it over the bottom rainbowed window to make a rainbow sandwich. Hang it up in a window.

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