Friday, March 16, 2012

Leprechaun Trap

Leprechauns are tricky. If you ever want to see one, you have to be clever. They're attracted to rainbows and gold. They love to eat potatoes. Decorate an old shoe box with rainbows and gold. Sprinkle in some shamrocks if desired. My son insisted a colorful blanket would convince a passing-by Leprechaun to take a snooze, but just in case we baited our trap with a potato. Prop the shoe box lid open with a wooden spoon or ruler and- Voila! You have yourself a Leprechaun trap. When he comes by (which he will- how could he resist such glitz and glam!?) he will fumble around inside trying to get the potato out and knock the spoon with his caboose. Then the lid will close and- BAM! You've got him! Or do you? He might escape and only leave behind some gold-foiled coins and a mess!

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