Friday, July 15, 2011


I don't like finding corn syrup as the number 2 or 3 item in product ingredient lists, but I've got to say corn syrup has some pretty great craft usage. Like fake blood (yes, I'll do that around Halloween- remind me.) and bubbles!

I was pretty excited to learn I don't have to buy glycerin just so I can make bubbles. Who wants glycerin hanging around? Besides, I'd have to go out and get it and I'm an immediate gratification girl. I like finding out I can use things I have hidden in my very cabinets already. Especially when it's corn syrup I've had kicking around since my first son was a vampire for Halloween 2.5 hears ago.

And if I'm bad about waiting, my kids are worse. Making bubbles was awesome. No oven, no drying. Three ingredients, mix and voila, blow!

1/4 cup corn syrup
1/2 cup dish detergent *
2 cups water

Combine and stir.

That's it. You can't beat that for instant.

We stored half in a jar for later and the rest we brought outside immediately to blow bubbles. We used all sorts of things with holes that we had lying around to make bubbles, but the best bubble-makers were the plastic cookie cutters. We have a circle and a heart one that came with the Little Tikes Mud Pie set my Mom got for the boys last year, and it made bubbles as big as their heads! Just watch out you don't pop the bubbles ON your heads or you might get soap in the eye, an incident that occurred at our house which briefly put a damper of tears on our fun. But if it happens to you, a bathroom cup with cold water held up to the eye makes a nice emergency eye rinse. (I had flash backs to high school chemistry.)

*On dish soap. We used Palmolive the first time around because that's what I had (instant, remember.) and it made great bubbles that day and even better bubbles the next, but in a few days it was not so hot. I picked up Joy a couple weeks later because I've read that's the best. I feel like it wasn't as good as Palmolive the first two days but definitely held up better. We just finished it up today, over a week later. So... use what you've got I say. If you find a soap that works awesomely, let me know.

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