Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Paper Octopus

This morning we made paper octopuses. Just cut out the octopus head from the printable below and either color and use that as the head or use it as a template on a piece of construction paper. Then cut 8 strips length-wise out of another piece of construction paper. These are the octopus's arms. Use paint dabbers (do-a-dot, etc.) to make suction pads on the arms. (I actually folded the paper into eighths first and then had the kids dab the paint before cutting them, easier for them.) Twirl the arms around a pencil so they're nice and spirally and glue the ends onto the back of the head so that they are dangling down. Voila. Octopus. Spiff deemed these "Silly AND cool!" and then he was off to feed them some of Squidgee's toy fish.

Variation: Use a balloon instead of the paper head.

The printable:

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